What happens next?

Guess on the future and satisfy your craving for betting



Hunch is the only App where you can finally get the recognition you deserve by betting on future outcomes of virtually anything: sports, fashion, politics, games and much more!

Create predictions

Create YES / NO questions for all Hunch community or just have a hunch on predictions created by other players.

Follow up

Follow up on new predictions, the sooner you hunch the higher is your payoff.

Hunch right

Predictions results are either defined by the community, majority votes, or by their creator, based on real life outcomes.

Earn rewards

By getting right hunches you earn coins to buy more daily credits, level up, earn badges and become an influencer.

Favorite Categories

Follow up predictions on your favorite categories: Sports, Fashion, Politics, Games and much more!

Web links

Access Hunch App from every website. Click on the Hunch icon at the bottom of the webpage and bet on any prediction related to it (soon).


Compete with your friends

Have fun with your friends by creating private groups. Group scoring and predictions are restricted to your group.


Level up

Get you hunches right and become a reference for your favorite category. Become a real life influencer.


Become an influencer

After becoming an influencer you have another challenge: Create trending predictions that satisfy the mass. Can you keep up with the flock?


Join our BETA

Want to play? Join our Beta and help us build the betting game you have always wanted.